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The Library Affair 2023

May contain: alcohol, beverage, liquor, wine, red wine, and glass

Proceeds from The Library Affair go to our Mountains of Opportunity Campaign to expand and renovate your Ruby Sisson Library. Help us raise the funds to get this expansion done!

Tickets to The Library Affair on April 15 are $50 each and can be purchased here.

The Library Affair is coming on April 15, and the tables are truly one-of-a-kind! Our celebrity decorators really outdid themselves this year and the twenty tables are truly incredible!

Click here to view and vote for your favorite tables and to purchase your tickets to The Library Affair today!

Each vote is $2.00 and the table that receives the most votes by April 14 wins the prestigious Pagosa Pulitzer Prize, designed by ceramic artist Jim Lutomski. The top five vote recipients will go into a live auction at the event.

We thank you for your support!

Our Incredible Event Sponsors!

National Book Award Sponsors with a $5000 Gift:

Newbery Medal sponsors with a $2500 gift:

Caldecott Medal sponsors with a $1000 gift:

Andrew Carnegie Medal sponsors with a $500 gift:

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