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Accidental Samurai Spy | a Teen Book Club Selection

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Accidental Samurai Spy 
by local author, Mariko Tatsumoto


Thank you to Mariko Tatsumoto, for coming to speak with us about her book!

Aritomo Genji, a twelve-year-old heir to a samurai lord, training to become a warrior, yearns to fight against his family’s archenemy, the Kuroda clan. But he and his loyal dog, Tama, are sent away on a ship to keep them safe. After the ship sinks in a typhoon, and they’re rescued by Kuroda soldiers, Aritomo must pretend to be an orphaned peasant.As reward for saving the life of Lord Kuroda’s daughter, Aritomo and Tama live in the enemy’s castle where they become friends with the girl. When Aritomo learns of a plot to massacre his clan, he must choose between saving his family and staying true to his friend.


What our bookclub thought:

We really liked that we got into the action really fast.  We loved the dog, Tama!  She’s awesome!  It was funny and painful when Aritomo got shot in the butt.

Aritomo is smart, and resourceful, and deeply loyal to his friends and family.  His struggle with loyalty to his family or his friends and his confusion over who is the “good guy” and who is the “bad guy” was interesting and engaging.

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